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Welcome to Little Artists Firenze!






The Little Artists art classes will nurture your child's imagination, and artistic expression. They will explore different materials and media and introduce various types of technique. Themes like nature, seasons, weather, food, animals, people, letters, family, holiday will also be introduced. During the lesson children will also have the opportunity to listen to poems, stories and music as a way to inspire and compliment their projects.

Our Classes

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Spring 2013

"Mommy and me" classes begin

Starting May 4th, 2013.
Classes will be held every Saturday from 10:30-11:45.

Children will be provided a snack for each lesson as well as a special smock!

Ages 2-4

*we are willing to also arrange other age groups based on request!

Events & Workshops


Little Artists is so excited about our Spring trimester! "Mommy and me" classes begin Saturday, May, 4th 2013, for ages 2-4.

Sign-ups begin now through April 15th! Hurry space is limited.

We had a successful gingerbread holiday workshop for Christmas 2012. It was filled with lots of candy, gingerbread, creativity and smiles.

Please stay tuned for our holiday workshops and events coming up in 2013!

A special thanks to Moms4Moms Firenze Network and Kimberly Dopke-Vanzi-your resource for kids and families in Tuscany!

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